Hospitals & Health Systems

It can be tough deciding whether an illness or injury requires an immediate trip to the emergency room, urgent care center or your doctor's office. In tense situations where your health or that of a loved one is in question, it is difficult to make a good decision on where to seek help.

Inappropriate use of emergency rooms and urgent care centers hurts employees and the organization by increasing healthcare costs.

Provide your employees with an objective third party.

Mercy Nurse On Call is a telephone triage service, providing expert health advice from experienced Registered Nurses, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Telephonic medical triage can reduce inappropriate Emergency Room utilization by up to 40%.

The program can be customized with your brand. Our turnkey marketing materials will make implementation a snap.

A partnership with Mercy Nurse On Call is just a phone call away.

"Our co-workers have someone to help navigate them through illness and medical care during times of great need. Our co-workers and families benefit by having someone who is truly looking out for their welfare and willing to help."

- Kim Onesko
Executive Director - Clinic Resource Management, Mercy Health Care