Health Plans

How much a member (and the plan) pays for medical services varies greatly depending upon where care is received.

Studies show that the average cost for an emergency room visit is nearly five times the cost of a physician office visit, and as many as half of all emergency room visits are for minor medical problems or routine care.

Improper use of emergency rooms and urgent care centers hurts members and the plan.

Educating your members on the cost of care is not enough. They need help making important health care decisions in moments of need.

We can help.

Mercy Nurse On Call is a telephone triage service, providing expert health advice from experienced Registered Nurses, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Telephonic medical triage can reduce inappropriate Emergency Room utilization by up to 40%.

The program can be customized with your brand. Our turnkey marketing materials help make implementation a snap.

A partnership with Mercy Nurse On Call is just a phone call away.

"My son was playing baseball and twisted his ankle. It began to swell immediately. My first thought was to rush to the Emergency Room for an x-ray, but instead I contacted Nurse On Call. The nurse was calm, helpful, and able to talk me through my son's symptoms. His ankle wasn't broken, and I was able to avoid the hassle and expense of an ER visit."

- A grateful mom