Imagine a partnership that could help bring:

  • predictability to your healthcare costs
  • reductions in your overall healthcare
  • coverage costs
  • improved productivity/reduced
  • absenteeism
  • improved health to your employees

#1 Integrated Health System

About Mercy

The word is out
Small, medium and large companies put their trust in Mercy to provide integrated health care solutions for their organizations.

Ever wonder why?
It's simple. The more wisely your members use your health plan, the more costs go down over time. But how is that accomplished? Will members have access to the care they need when and where they need it?

At Mercy, we offer a variety of innovative care management tools to improve member health while reducing the cost of care. By analyzing specific information about the health risks of your members, we can design custom solutions to address the unique health care needs of your group.

We have a proven track record.
We grew from within St. John's Health System, which has served the people of Southwest Missouri, and the region with a medical team of over 2000 providers, 23 hospitals and 70 physicians’ offices in 35 counties, covering 25,000 square miles. Serving over 350,000 covered lives, Mercy has experience working with a broad range of clients including: employers, health plans and other groups.  We have helped to reduce the health care expenses for hundreds of clients and we can do the same for you.

Our proven techniques will achieve lasting results for your organization.